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Saying peace out to summer and what’s up to fall spells the emergence of America’s most polarizing ingredient: pumpkin spice.

YouTube user Mike Falzone is well aware of the divisiveness pumpkin spice brings along with it, and in a recent video, he called out those who feel so offended by the autumnal mix.

“It’s not like you go into your favorite Starbucks mid-October and say, ‘I would like a regular coffee,’ and the barista looks back at you and says, ‘Did you mean pumpkin spiced latte?’ Because that has never happened,” Falzone says. “No one’s forcing that sweet PS on you.”

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According to Mike, if you’re using your over-the-top hatred on pumpkin spice as a way to deal with your personal problems, that’s on you, pal.

“Was pumpkin purée and cinnamon and nutmeg the reason why that girl ghosted you? Or was it ’cause you don’t have a job?” Falzone poses. “Did your house burn down in a pumpkin spice-related accident? Identify whatever the real problem is and solve that and stop shitting on pumpkin spice.”

Of course, Mr. Falzone revealed his true feelings about pumpkin spice in a hilarious moment at the end of the video.

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