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A Fox News reporter in Charlotte, N.C., got more than he bargained for on Wednesday night when he tried to interview a protester for “The Kelly File.”

Steve Harrigan was reporting live from Charlotte after protesters took to the streets following the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott.

“Black people get shot every day, right? It’s okay for that, right?” the girl yelled with passion at Harrigan when he tried to get a soundbite. The girl then expressed that she could be shot at any time.

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Harrigan asked her why she would bother protesting if she was afraid of being targeted by police, which only escalated the tense conversation.

“I serve a purpose, sir!” she told Harrigan. “I could be at work, at school, in my car, I could still get shot.”

After several more seconds of questioning, Harrigan tried to wrap up the interview. The unidentified woman accused the reporter of speaking with sarcasm.

When Harrigan asked about reports that someone was shot, the woman accused him of looking to make a “fucking fabricated news story” out of the incident.

Harrigan then wrapped up his live segment and Fox cut to “The Kelly File” host Megyn Kelly, who apologized for the profanity.

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