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How cool is this table? We love how the glowing sections contrast with the beautiful wood.

It’s actually the wood that makes this table possible. Well, sort of. Pecky Cypress wood often has small areas of rot inside, which, when carved out, create the perfect little pocket for adding glowing powder.

You can have the wood cut to size by the lumber yard or home improvement store. Once you take the time to carve out the rotted areas, the rest is easy. Just glue the boards together and attach the legs.

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Adding the glow powder is the fun part. Then, put a thick glaze of resin over the entire table and find a dark room.


There are different kinds of glow-in-the-dark powder, which are easily found on Amazon. Some are translucent while not glowing, and others hold their colors whether or not there is light around.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pecky Cypress in the desired dimensions
  • Blue glow in the dark paint
  • Clear casting resin
  • Leg kit

See exactly how to make it on Instructables.

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