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Rev. Al Sharpton jumped out of the gates to say the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down part of the Voting Rights Act “cancelled” and “revoked” Martin Luther King’s dream. His exaggerated racial agitating would be humorous if the subject of race weren’t so sensitive, with misunderstanding still at times leading to hurt feelings and even violence. Fortunately, our right to free speech and the cleverness of some comic writers turn Sharpton’s hucksterism right back at him. Here are five oldies but goodies poking fun at one of America’s most despicable race baiters:

  • “Over the weekend, Al Sharpton hosted Saturday Night Live on NBC for an hour-and-a-half – the longest job he has ever had.” – Craig Kilborn

  • “Today’s Washington Post says that of the nine Democratic presidential candidates, Wesley Clark has the most presidential hairstyle. Not only that, but the Post said that Al Sharpton had the best hairstyle of a first lady.” – Conan O’Brien
  • “The Reverend Al Sharpton attacked President Bush, saying he ruined the economy. For instance, Sharpton hasn’t been able to find a job in over 46 years.” – Craig Kilborn
  • “Al Sharpton said the Democratic Party has to stop treating blacks as their mistresses. Sharpton then explained a mistress is where they take you out to have fun, but they don’t take you home. Was that really necessary to explain what a mistress is to Democrats?” – Jay Leno
  • “Poor Al Sharpton, he only got 345 votes total in the New Hampshire primary. Here’s a tip Al: When you’re driving around the small white, conservative states, turn down the bass.” – Bill Maher

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