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Nik Wallenda traversed 1,500 feet across the Colorado river into Arizona Sunday night — with no brace or cords tying to the high-wire. That is possibly the most awesome thing ever.

But to respect the little people, here are eight people that are almost as cool:

1. Shaun White


Shaun White is an incredible snowboarder, winning many gold medals at the Olympics. He is the first person ever to win a perfect score at the X Games in 2012.

In case you didn’t believe us, here he is:

2. The guy who jumped from space for Red Bull

Felix Baumgartner jumped from a hot air balloon that was nearly in space and broke the sound barrier on his free-fall decent — pretty extreme.


3. Edward Snowden — NSA leaker

Despite Snowden now seeking asylum from one of many despotic countries, revealing the information to Americans the their government is engaging in a complex and highly sophisticated surveillance program that allows the government to essentially spy on any American was very risky and commendable. Cheers to you, Snowden.


4. Oprah

You might not agree with her endearing support for Obama, but the lady is a saint.


5. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex)

Because he wants to abolish the IRS and did his best to dismantle the Gang of 8’s amnesty proposal on the immigration bill.

And because who doesn’t love a contrarian on Congress?

Ted Cruz

6. The supermoon

The supermoon, a full moon that occurs very close to the earth, made an appearance this weekend. Quite a beautiful sight.


7. Charles Ramsey

The man who saved two hostage women from a basement in Cleveland deserves a place on this list. And also for the incredible interview that followed.

8. George Washington

Because without this guy, we’d probably all be speaking with awful British accents.


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