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Before the massive amount of fame they have achieved on their show “Duck Dynasty”, the Robertson family exhibited the same troubles as other people around the country. In a new motivational Christian short-film, the family opens up about the issues that plagued their household years before cameras arrived at their doorstep.

The film is led by the family’s patriarch, Phil Robertson, who opens up about how as a young man he indulged in the old three: sex, drugs and Rock N’ Roll. Phil details how he was at first adverse to religious teachings and would distance himself from those trying to convert him.

Phil is joined by his wife, known as “Miss Kay” on T.V. Kay reveals how at the onset of their marriage, Phil was a serial cheater.

“What I would tell the boys all the time is, ‘thats not your daddy, thats the devil in your daddy’.” Kay says in the teaser trailer for the short-film.

The film is available free online, at

From Fox News: 

“The Robertson’s wanted to share the deeper story beyond their name. We love them on television, but there is so much more to them than that,” filmmaker Scott Mayo told FOX411. “They have this incredible story about their life and faith, and wanted to tell this story to inspire others… Just because they are on TV doesn’t make them perfect.”

After interviewing three generations of the very famous family – Phil, Miss Kay, son Jep and grandson Reed– Mayo said he was surprised at how open and candid the stars were in vocalizing their difficult history.

“Phil lives with a lot of conviction and shared a lot of dark struggles from his past. He did it in a way that was bold and raw,” continued the filmmaker, adding that simply being in the presence of Phil through the production was a profound experience in and of itself. “If there was any silence in the room, he would just start pontificating and laying down some shotgun wisdom.”