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Hillary Clinton just received an endorsement for the presidency from her daughter Chelsea (shouldn’t that be a given?) Though many of us currently probably wish she were in the White House now rather than our current fearless ful leader, there is one thing we can definitely do without. And that is the Hillary Clinton pant-suit.

Here is a tribute to the former first lady/senator/secretary of state, and all that she has done for the loathsome pant-suit.

1. Hillary as First Lady

Mrs. Clinton is the first, and still the only, first lady to ever wear a pant-suit, or even pants for that matter, in the traditional first lady portrait.


2. Hillary at the Democratic National Convention

Some how, this bright orange pant-suit seemed appropriate during a 2008 Democratic National Convention speech. Even her daughter Chelsea knows better that to don a pant-suit.


3. Lady in Red

Secretary of State Clinton sported this red ensemble on a trip to South America fulfilling her State Department duties. Was this worn during the same trip as this affair?


4. Hillary as a foreign diplomat

The secretary of state wore this heinous green suit for the G20 summit in 2012 — probably in an effort to show her support for green energy causes.


5. On Wednesdays, we wear pink


6. The understated pant suit

Tan isn’t exactly a color that screams “look at me like” like the rest of these get-ups. It’s still a questionable fashion choice.


7. The First Ladies club

HRC was all smiles on stage with the other first ladies. She seems to be fond of the long-jacket suit options. Can’t say we endorse this choice.


Hillary Rodham Clinton has made her mark in American politics, and now tragically in American fashion. We can only await the atrocities that will sure to abound on the 2016 campaign trail.


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