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Certain high-profile individuals (Al Sharpton in particular) continue to blame race for just about anything bad that happens to African Americans. They need to, that’s their business model. So we’re going to track and record some of this foolishness and expose it for the corrupt industry it is. Now we are not naïve, there are still stupid people out there that say and do stupid things (can you say Riley Cooper?). But we believe that—on balance—America and Americans are righteous and its time to call out the racial grievance industry. As we said in our editorial of June 25 we are convinced the United States has never been closer to realizing Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of “…a nation where [people] will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Tawana Brawley finally paying man she falsely accused of rape – in 1987

Steven Pagones is the original victim of Grievance Inc. Falsely accused by Tawana Brawley in 1987 of a horrific crime, he was George Zimmerman before George Zimmerman was (un)cool. Brawley claimed that Pagones was among a gang of white men who kidnapped and raped her. The Rev. Al Sharpton jumped on the case and brought it into the national spotlight, ruining Pagones’ life and showing proof of concept for professional race-baiting.

Brawley got the full Grievance treatment: Rallies, press conferences, the full victim treatment. Pagones got the full Grievance treatment too: harassment, slander, a life in tatters, everything George Zimmerman would get over 20 years later.

Pagones, an assistant district attorney, sued Sharpton and Brawley and won big. Sharpton paid him a boatload of cash but Bradley — true to form — never did, until now. She owes Pagones a whopping $431,000 and is finally beginning to repay the man whose life she ruined.

Ever the good guy, Pagones even says he’ll forgive Brawley her debt if she just admits she made the whole thing up. Let’s hope he isn’t holding his breath.

NUGENT: Zimmerman should sue Trayvon’s parents

Parents can be held responsible for the actions of their minor-age children until the children reach the age of majority (meaning adulthood), which is exactly why Mr. Zimmerman should explore filing a lawsuit against Martin’s parents. The age of majority in Florida is 18-years-old. Trayon Martin was 17-years-old when he attacked Mr. Zimmerman, which potentially means that Trayvon’s parents may possibly be held responsible for the stress, emotional pain and anguish their son caused George Zimmerman.

Uncle Ted has it right. The only way to stop Grievance Inc. is to take them to court, just like Steve Pagones did in 1987. You’ll win too, because slander and false accusations are the name of their game, but they don’t hold up in a court of law.

It’s expensive, and will only give them a bigger platform from which to defame you, but defeating them in court is the biggest and best way to expose racial grievance for the rotten business that it is.

Sharpton says Zimmerman verdict “sad day for the country”

The defeat of Grievance Inc. in court is a sad day for Sharpton but a great day for America. Any time these losers lose is a day that real justice wins.

Racism isn’t the problem, black-on-black crime is

Sharpton isn’t the only member of Grievance Inc. The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) engages in race-baiting nearly as much as he does, blaming discrimination for every ill affecting the black community in America. They’re always wrong, but never in doubt when it comes to race.

Whether it’s Sharpton or the CBC the model is the same: take a legitimate issue, falsely blame it on racism, get lots of publicity, and then cash in. Sharpton makes money and the CBC gets votes but currency is currency and they’re all looking to get paid.

Grievance Inc. at it’s worst


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