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“Friday the 13” isn’t just a movie franchise, it’s a marketing phenomenon.

It not only spawn 12 movies, but also led to the creation of novellas, comic books, action figures, video games, and even lunch boxes.

I wonder how many Lunchables you could fit in there.

All of the films generally revolve around hockey-masked maniac Jason Voorhees hunting down and killing a bunch of horny camp counselors. Brings back memories of summer camp.

summer camp

“Friday the 13th,” along with the “Halloween” films, pretty much invented the slasher film cliches of today. The over-the-top death scenes. The scandalous sex scenes. The creepy music. The Kevin Bacon.

Coming this fall. Kevin Bacon battles the devil in “666 Degrees of Separation.”

If you haven’t seen any of the “Friday the 13th” movies yet, what have you been doing with your life? Stop what you’re doing and watch them now. Seriously, right now. Their absolutely essential to a complete Halloween experience. You don’t really have to watch them in any type of order because the story is different in each film. I recommend you start with “Jason X” because it takes place in friggin’ outer space.

To boldly go where no, uh, Halloween monster guy has gone before.

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