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There’s an unsettling vibe in the air and it can only be explained by the fact that there are only two weeks until Halloween. It’s almost like something is watching you. Well, besides the NSA.

To get you prepared for this most under-appreciated holiday of horror, we’ve decided to review a horror movie every day until Oct. 31.

Today we look at “Insidious,” a movie so scary it will ruin friendships.

But actually, try unseeing this. You can’t.

“Insidious” introduces us to the Lambert family as Josh (Patrick Wilson), Renai (Rose Byrne), and their sons Dalton (Ty Simpkins) and Foster (Andrew Astor) move into a new home. The day after he sees something that frightens him in the house’s attic, Dalton falls into a months-long coma. When they are finally able to bring him back home, Dalton, still unable to be wakened, becomes constantly tormented by mysterious figures.

Josh’s mother Lorraine (Barbara Hershey) recalls a dream she had of a strange man trying to abduct Dalton, so she calls Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye), a friend of hers who investigates paranormal occurrences. Elise reveals that Dalton has the ability to astral project while he is sleeping and has become lost in a spirit world inhabited by evil entities. This leaves his body vulnerable to possession, which explains the spooky weirdos wandering around the house.

Lorraine and Elise later reveal a terrible secret that is the only way Dalton can be brought back into the real world.

“Insidious” has all the makings of a successful horror film: demons, creepy old ladies, and this song.

Director James Wan (“Saw”, “The Conjuring”) does a masterful job of mixing the right amount of jump scenes and “WTF” moments to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Following the success of “there’s-some-crazy-stuff-going-on-in-the-house” movies like “Paranormal Activity”, “Insidious” is a disturbing take on a familiar genre.

If you enjoy “Insidious,” be sure to watch “Insidious 2,” now in theaters.

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