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If clowns have ever haunted your worst nightmares, it’s probably thanks to Stephen King’s “It.” If you’ve never experienced the sheer horror represented by a grown man wearing face paint and a powdered wig, these pictures will get you up to speed.

clown 2

Now that we all agree that clowns are evil incarnate, let’s proceed.

“It” takes place in a small Maine town (I’m convinced nothing ever good happens in Maine) and is about a group of outcast kids called “The Losers Club” who is tormented by a creature from another planet. While the monster generally appears as a clown named Pennywise, it tends to manifest itself as each of the kid’s biggest fears and preys upon their weaknesses.

After finally defeating Pennywise, the friends think that the worst is behind them. But when the clown comes back 30 years later, the “The Losers Club” is forced to band together again and face its inner demons as well as the more literal demon that is trying to kill them.

Will they be able to defeat Pennywise again? Will Pennywise prove too strong for them? Will this movie make sure you never go to the circus ever again?

Though the film, which originally premiered as a two-part mini-series on ABC, is over 3 hours long and tends to drag on a bit, Tim Curry does a phenomenal job playing the creepy clown alien and scaring the absolute crap out of you. The film’s worth watching simply for Curry’s performance. Also, there’s this:

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