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Miley Cyrus has made her mark on the Oxford dictionary in an entry that’s sure to make scholars cringe, but her ‘twerking’ was the more minor of her on-air exploits.

A couple of the more inappropriate moments of Miley’s performance are the shots in which she slaps the posterior of one of the teddy-bear entertainers, sexual harassment in workplaces other than MTV, and puts a Miley spin on the foam finger. You know the one I’m talking about — the scene where the foam finger is used to cheer but not in the traditional sense of the game-day icon.

In one fell thrust, Miley showed there is no “battle of the sexes” in mainstream culture but loud, proud full-service peginas. (Miley created more than one word Sunday night.)

Cyrus’ confused sexuality, along with other social cues — e.g., progressive ideas of marriage, government-funded abortion and government-funded contraception — all send the message that there is a social virtue and freedom in childlessness. That is what makes Miley’s performance not astonishing but tragic, as it reveals the all-too painful truth about contemporary culture: Diversity among the sexes is no longer a treasured good. Oh, no — as a woman, deny your baby-maker and you are “in.”

This messaging is especially disconcerting because, as best-selling author John Stossel points out in a recent column, the qualities that make women excellent caregivers are inherent to their womanhood, and also make them excellent candidates for corporate leadership.

Interested in seeing some real dancing instead of a contemporary Lady Macbeth? If so, watch Kelly Pickler’s “Dancing with the Stars” swan-song performance — or, if you want to see something truly sexy but not necessarily dance-related, watch 2002 Olympic champions Jamie Sale and David Pelletier weave a gripping narrative in their on-ice interpretation of “Love Story.”

Those are the tales that deserve air time. And thank goodness Miley didn’t get the gold.

Carolyn Bolton is content editor for Rare. Follow her on Twitter @carbolton

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