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Never before have members of any generation had such capability to tap instantly into a hive mind and influence one another so quickly. They are as close to Star Trek’s Borg — a mechanically mind-linked predator species — as is non-fictionally possible. And they are our children.

Resistance is futile.

While doing research for coursework in strategic communications, I realized how typical Millennials “Jess” and “Mike” are integral parts of the most-connected generation in history — never far from a constant data stream tied to family, friends and the world at large. They are part of one vast network of information and opinion exchange. And because one of their greatest fears is missing those connections and being left out of anything, a large part of their day is spent sharing — everything.

More than 90 percent of Millennials say they check their phones before getting out of bed in the morning and that it’s the last thing they do before turning off the lights at night.

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