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When Alexandra Curtis Рbetter known as Miss Rhode Island to her dedicated fans Рreceived her invitation as a Rare Under 40 Awards honoree, she knew this would be the perfect platform to promote her passion for encouraging millennial women.

“This award isn’t about me but it’s about the women that will come after me and the women I will help train,” said Curtis.

In 2014, Curtis graduated summa cum laude from Syracuse University, where she studied political science and public relations. During her undergraduate collegiate years, she served as President of the student body, leading her to land a career as a Congressional fellow at Running Start, in Washington, D.C.

As a competitor in the local Miss America organization, Curtis is dedicated to bringing all women together with her self-started nonprofit platform, “Leading Ladies: Equipping Young Women with the Skills to Lead.”

“When I reflect on what it means to be RARE, I think about being a woman who’s training women on both sides of the aisle. I think about millennials and the ingenuity of millennials, despite gender.”

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