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As I approach my 6,440th concert on the best tour of my life, my confidence cup runneth over.

You see, I don’t just rock myself into a foaming puddle of sweat and adrenalin every night then order room service. I have been hugely blessed to connect deeply with “working hard, playing hard” America as I sit down and meet with the best of the best every night before and often after every show. A spiritual campfire if you will.

Teachers, cops, ranchers, farmers, military heroes and their families, welders, plumbers, carpenters, doctors, students, community leaders, CEOs, little guys, big guys, men and woman of every walk of life, every ethnicity, every color, every creed, every race, every religion and beyond.

These great people are my friends, fellow American music lovers, and the very heartbeat of this great country.

We celebrate my incredible band and our powerful soundtrack to the American Dream of being the best that you can, a rule of life we all adhere to. We maximize the immeasurable good that still abounds in our wonderful lives, while also facing the inevitable bad and ugly that is so painfully prevalent today, most painfully in a runaway corrupt, power-abusing, criminal government gone mad and a vicious, hateful media blindly supporting them.

All these fine people I meet with in every city across the country are aghast at the vulgar dishonesty of a media that has plummeted into the soulless abyss of hurling the hateful accusation of “racism” at me and anybody they disagree with.

These good people know me well, and know I am the antithesis of a racist. My black bass player and my Mexican bass player would be the first to stand up for me. They know how the media and all the haters lie like dogs and resort to the now meaningless accusation of racism. Very, very sad.

We are most offended that the president of the United States and the U.S. attorney general are clearly guilty of racism when they intentionally bring race to the fore when they make public judgments based on the color of someone’s skin instead of the content of their character in total defiance of the findings of the FBI, Department of Justice, entire state’s investigative resources and a jury verdict.

We cannot imagine any American “giving up looking for a job.” We cannot fathom a fellow American accepting a “list of jobs they are not willing to do.”

We cannot believe that our president, attorney general, secretary of state or so many elected officials refuse to be accountable for the Benghazi tragedy, the rewarding of Susan Rice, or the criminal violation of the IRS, or the constant smoke and mirrors of Obamacare, or the outright lies regarding the NSA and so many unanswered questions surrounding every tainted and suspicious bureaucracy in government.

We are heartbroken, frustrated and getting angrier by the day that our government scrambles maniacally to infringe further on our Second Amendment rights while refusing to do a damn thing about the engineered recidivism that is behind the constant runaway crime and slaughter of innocents across the land.

We are stunned and amazed that any American could possibly allow an Anthony Weiner or an Elliot Spitzer to hold any public office anywhere, any time for any reason.

We are offended that any American government official could possibly support a death tax allowing the stealing of after-tax savings from hardworking American families causing the destruction of so many businesses and family farms built over generations of incredible hard work and sacrifices.

We are shocked that anybody is stupid enough to blindly follow the racist scam masters Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton and other black panthers.

We cannot believe that the foodstamp scam is being allowed to enslave so many able-bodied Americans.

We are disgusted by a government that fails to take care of the basic needs of U.S. military warrior heroes and their families while we are forced to pay for the sex-change surgeries of evil felons in prison and the hundreds of millions of dollars for presidential vacations.

Our minds reel in disbelief that the greatest loss of life occurs in Obama’s favorite gun-free zones, and that so many rotten people actually want to create more gun-free slaughter zones.

We meet, we talk and we pray that the most productive families in America will stop being punished while so many who refuse to be productive are rewarded with our hard-earned dollars.

We carry on, we hope, we pray, and we still give it all we got no matter what. We all realize that sometimes when you give the world the best you got, you get kicked in the teeth. We will continue to give America the best we got, anyway.

Ted Nugent is an American rock ‘n’ roll, sporting and political activist icon. Follow him on Twitter @TedNugent and visit for summer tour dates.

by Ted Nugent |