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Should Mrs. Clinton run for president, we should not have any hope that our national propaganda ministry (a.k.a. Mainstream Media) will vet her any more than they looked into the highly suspicious past of our current president.

Jesus Christ could reappear and run as the Republican candidate against Mrs. Clinton, but Mrs. Clinton would be the de facto candidate gushed madly over by our national propaganda ministry. They would do everything in the scamming power to nail Christ to the political cross while exalting Mrs. Clinton, the illegitimate political daughter of Saul Alinsky.

Here is a woman who studied under the author of Alinsky, the radical left’s guiding saint, and his America hating tome “Rules for Radicals,” which was appropriately  dedicated to Satan. Tell me who you go with and I will tell you what you are.

It is no national secret that our national propaganda ministry leans far to the left politically. To rely on the media to delve into Mrs. Clinton’s past is analogous to relying on Mad Magazine for investigative journalism.

Unfortunately, some establishment Republicans cannot be relied upon to open up the can of worms that is Mrs. Clinton’s scandal-riddled past. Truth is, the GOP is terrified of Mrs. Clinton, just like they seem to be of their own shadow. They are quaking in their political boots that any assault on Mrs. Clinton’s past, present of future will be viewed as picking on a woman and therefore will alienate women voters and the entire Satan fan club who have recently blindly and mistakenly lined up behind Democrat nominees.

Because of all this, the conservative base should be prepared to be muzzled, pummeled and mugged in the presidential street-fight of 2016.

Elephants rarely throw the first punch, and they are pathetic political counter-punchers. By the time the GOP realizes they are in a presidential street-fight, the Democrats have beaten them to a bloody, helpless pulp and stolen their wallet and car keys. It happens every time.

This is a damn culture war for the very soul of the last best place, not a Mr. Rogers “Welcome to my neighborhood, why can’t we all get along” cartoon for God’s sake.

Truth be known, Mrs. Clinton does not have a closet full of political skeletons, but rather a rarehouse full. Should she be the Democrat nominee, the GOP should be licking its political chops to expose Mrs. Clinton’s warehouse full of reputation-destroying political skeletons. Instead of licking their chops at the prospect of Mrs. Clinton running for the White House, too many Republicans are probably shaking in spineless fear.

Mrs. Clinton’s shady political past includes being fired for unethical legal shenanigans as a member of the impeachment committee for President Nixon for which she should have been disbarred, making a dubious ton of cash on cattle futures while she was the first lady of Arkansas, more very questionable dealings in Whitewater, and now the horror that is Benghazi.

An indignant Mrs. Clinton may shout: What difference does all this make? It makes a helluva difference lady, especially since we have four dead Americans who were killed on her failed — and I believe criminal — watch as secretary of state. We deserve unfiltered answers on Benghazi, not more Clinton-style stonewalling scams.

Mrs. Clinton’s political past is littered with shady, unethical, dubious and suspicious actions. Wherever she has gone, dark clouds have not been far behind.

Should Mrs. Clinton throw her hat in the presidential ring of fire, she should expect to be raked over the coals. Regretfully, she will not have to face the hot political fires of scrutiny as the lefty lapdog media continues their deceitful, dishonest, unprofessional anti-1st Amendment smoke and mirrors.

What Mrs. Clinton has going for her is that the national propaganda ministry will refuse to delve into her past and the GOP will be too terrified to initiate a meaningful expose’. If Mrs. Clinton were a Republican, the media and the Democrats would destroy her based purely on her past.

Some of us will do all we can, but we wonder if it will be enough. We wonder if enough Americans give a damn anymore. It’s said that in a democracy, the people get the leaders they deserve. Maybe it is so bad and ugly we deserve President Hillary. I pray that is not the case.

Ted Nugent is an American rock ‘n’ roll, sporting and political activist icon. Follow him on Twitter @TedNugent and visit for summer tour dates.

by Ted Nugent |