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I like my journalism the same way I like my music:  rare, raw, close to the bone, no holds barred, brutally honest.

Rare is just what the real conservative GOP doctor ordered. My gut instincts tell me that bold, unapologetic, independent conservatives will have found a new journalistic juggernaut that goes straight for the journalism jugular. It’s about damn time.

This is the critical good in the face of the politically incorrect liberal bad and ugly. What’s lacking in America is a media pit-bull that has been trained to sniff out corruption, lies, double-speak, and to stand on point for the truth, then chomp into it and not let go.

You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a story or a topic that has been glossed over or outright ignored by the lapdog media who is in the tank for the president and the Democrat Party. Mainstream media has bastardized the 1st Amendment. Shame on them.

A critical, life and death issue near and dear to me and millions and millions of law-abiding American families is guns and the liberal anti-freedom brigades who would erase the 2nd Amendment if they could.

Liberals and their bought-and-paid-for media lackeys have turned up their lying machine and are doing their best to convince Americans that guns and the NRA — not psychotics and recidivistic maggots — are to blame for the carnage on America’s streets.

They are trying to intentionally smother the truth with their anti-freedom lies. I’m convinced Rare will be a blow horn for our God-given, cherished and honorable 2nd Amendment rights and other such pure American self-evident truths.

The truth is that so-called assault weapons are used in such few crimes as to be statistically insignificant.  According to my friends in the FBI, four times as many people are killed by knives and bludgeons than by any and all rifles combined. So much for sincerity in claiming to fight crime and save lives.

But there is wonderful irony in the lies of our anti-gun president and his anti-gun henchmen. That beautiful irony is that President Obama is by far the greatest salesmen in the history of firearms.

Because of President Obama, so-called assault weapons are virtually extinct on the shelves of gun stores across America.  No sooner than the president and Vice President “Say It Ain’t So” Joe Biden started their anti-gun rant to ban so-called assault weapons, than good, honest, law-abiding citizens went out and bought them all in record numbers, making such semi-automatic firearms the most universally owned gun in America.

A huge Nuge thank you is in order for the president, as his anti-gun rhetoric was cause for millions of sales in guns and ammunition in record volumes as well.

In addition to guns flying off the shelves into the hands of law-abiding Americans, membership in the NRA has skyrocketed to all-time highs.  Again, we can thank Mr. Obama for this wonderful news.

Freedom addicts don’t trust big government. We have learned to have a healthy skepticism of all things big government. 

We know that more meddling by DC Fedzillacrats means fewer freedoms, more restrictions, and more wasteful spending. This is why millions of Americans bought guns when they heard the president wanted to ban them. 

Rare will expose the hypocrisy and lunacy of the left by simply reporting the facts and truth, which is a left-winger’s kryptonite. 

The truth will ultimately rise to the surface and set America free. There is much hope for the future. All is not lost. Come to one of my concerts this summer and I will share some of my bumper crop of passion, fire, spirit and attitude.

Bring it Rare. America needs us now more than ever.

Ted Nugent is an American rock ’n’ roll, sporting and political activist icon. He is the author of “Ted, White, and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto” and “God, Guns & Rock ’N’ Roll (Regnery Publishing).

by Ted Nugent |