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In the wake of the Boston Bombings, media commentators, academic experts and Obama administration officials exhibited classic signs of the five stages of liberal grief when faced with a mass casualty terrorist attack:

Stage 1 — Anger: Whoever did this was obviously a right wing, Tea Party-affiliated, patriot, militant, white, religious, Republican, tax-protesting, NRA-loving gun nut.

Stage 2 — Self Righteousness: Anyone who assumes that this tragedy was perpetrated by Muslim extremists is engaging in the worst form of racial profiling, jumping to conclusions based on no evidence whatever, and is undoubtedly a racist Islamophobe.

Stage 3 — Bargaining: The fact that the bombers were committed Muslims is incidental to the acts they committed. We have no idea what their motive was; it could be anything. There is really no basis for knowing. We may never know.

Stage 4 — Denial: This was an isolated incident of lone wolf terrorism unconnected to anything that could possibly imply that the Obama administration had let down its guard or overlooked obvious signs of imminent attack by an international terrorist conspiracy. Whatever the terrorists intended to do, they failed.

Stage 5 — Acceptance: The Boston bombing was not an act of terrorism. It was a series of man-caused sports-related injuries.

Brett M. Decker is Editor in Chief and James S. Robbins is Deputy Editor of Rare.

by Brett M. Decker and James S. Robbins |