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Public schools in America are going crazy. Things that should raise a red flag really don’t (like Common Core standards), but then administrations get bent out of shape over things that amount to nothing. A high school in Virginia is in the news after a student was reprimanded for wearing a Duck Dynasty shirt. For real.

Dinwiddie Virginia High schooler Hunter Spain is the one behind his tale of sartorial silliness. Spain wore a shirt featuring Uncle Si, who is famous for misusing words, with one of his quotes “I will hurt you physically and metaphysically.” The school found this threatening, so Spain was given the choice to turn the t-shirt inside out or change.

School superintendent David Clark said “If you are a ‘Duck Dynasty’ fan, you understand the meaning of the shirt. But, if you haven’t watched ‘Duck Dynasty,’ you may question if the shirt implies violence.” What if a kid wore a Che Guevara shirt? Certainly more violent than Uncle Si but I’d guess that the school would be, as Si’s brother Phil says “happy happy happy” about that wardrobe choice.

I know that schools have to draw a line somewhere in terms of dress code, but this is just silly…and that’s a fact, Jack.

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