Rare Videos

The Simpsons In Real Life

I love The Simpsons!!! This is just a fun little real life intro of their show that is done really well! Funny to think of the Simpsons as a real life sitcom…I wonder how long it would’ve lasted if it

BuzzFeed’s Running Out of Lists Vol 5

Conan’s been doing this for a while and I’m so glad. He’s shedding some hilarious light on the madness people are putting out just to occupy people’s time. So funny and ridiculous!

Boy Dance Party – SNL

No matter how old it is I can not stop watching this and cracking up at Bruce Willis going all in to this sketch! Just Hilarious on so many levels.

Magneto Gets Fired From X-Men

Hilarious video but the concept alone makes me crack up too. Firing your nemesis…just awesome! The banter back and forth is so good and the ending is great too. An all around winner!


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