Rare Videos

If Google Was A Guy Ep 3

Yeeeees!!! This is such a great video to add on to the other 2 we shared. Scroll down on the Rare Humor page to see the other two episodes. This is awesome and includes a dig at Siri which made

Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing

Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith reminding all of us how hilarious we looked trying to do all of these ridiculous dances! The funny in this is to remember yourself doing, or trying to do these dances! So funny!

Best Birthday Pranks

This is horribly funny. Horrible because if I was the one these pranks were done on I would freak out that I’ve ruined a bunch of kids birthdays!!! Funny because it’s not me it all happened to!!! Hahahaaaa, the reactions

Tackle and Grapple – Key and Peele

Hilarious old commercial spoof that is just ridiculous. Awesome how everyone is so happy in the class! Hahahaaaaa That big dude didn’t pass either..hahahaa. So good!


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