Rare Videos

Honest School Bully by Key and Peele

AWESOME!!! Most bully’s think they know why they bully but this video is hilarious because it shows some deep “Dr Phil” reasons why they do it. The smart kid is awesome pointing out what a great understanding he has of

Little Man Wedding Proposal

Why so surprised? Little people need love too!!! I would have laughed but at the same time been a bit embarrassed that I didn’t give the little dude credit. Such great reactions from every person who held the camera. What

World War Z Honest Trailer

YEEEEESS! While we liked the movie we noticed every single one of these! Sometimes I think of these while I watch the movie and think “stop being so critical”. But then I watch this and I want scream “I WAS

Devil Baby Attack in New York City

Hilarious Devil Baby prank in NYC!!! Short and hilarious!!! I love the dudes reaction when he went in to be the hero on his phone at 1:17 and then jumped back screaming “why dey do dat?” HAHAHAaaaaa. The guy at

Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon’s 80’s TV Show

Crazy Funny and a MUST SEE!! The transitions back and forth are the funniest! Look at the little pieces of randomness Jimmy has on his face when he returns the second time!!! It’s awesome to see someone like Jon Hamm