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J.A. Anderson

“Most likely to be lead singer in a Polynesian boy band”

Greatest high school achievement: Voted most likely to be a lead singer in a Polynesian Boy Band. Greatest college achievement: turning down an opportunity to be a lead singer in a Polynesian Boy Band. Brace yourself because J.A. the Comedian is hysterically funny. Originally from Indianapolis with Mississippi roots, J.A. brings midwestern flair together with southern hospitality.  Whether he’s impersonating President Obama or explaining how Waffle House waitresses should be calendar models, J.A. will keep you entertained the minute he starts talking. He has shared the stage with a diverse line of comedic geniuses. From the late Bernie Mack to Paulie Shore, J.A. is guaranteed to make you laugh. Come see for yourself why J.A. turned down the lucrative career of Polynesian Boy Band stardom, just to have a chance to make you laugh! See more here.

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