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A little more than a month ago, Sean and Debbie Riddle and their new little baby Glory went to eat at the West Side Cafe in Fort Worth, Texas. Waitress Kayla Lane loves babies, and she noticed.

Last week, Kayla saw the couple return to the diner, this time without baby Glory. So, she asked about her.

To her horror, the couple told her that baby Glory died unexpectedly, of unknown causes. The waitress was shocked, and wanted to do something for the couple, so she took care of their meal.

The Riddle’s posted the story to Facebook, deeply touched that Kayla would do something so kind. They are both born again Christians, and want baby Glory’s life to have purpose. They believe that seemingly little act of kindness by the waitress is testament to the fact that their baby did touch the lives of the people she met in her short little life.

What a sweet story about an attentive waitress who cares about more than just a tip!

Tami Nantz is a contributor to Rare. Follow her on Twitter @TamiNantz.
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