Homeowners fearing they’d been robbed gave thanks as soon as they saw the perp YouTube/Barry Peterson
YouTube/Barry Peterson

SHOREWOOD, Minn. — The Petersons returned from a trip to a homeowner’s worst nightmare: a broken front window.

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Upon cautiously entering the residence, fearing a burglary, they found a bit of a mess and an uninvited guest hanging out on their couch.

A wild turkey was in the Peterson’s home.

After recovering from the shock of seeing their feathered house guest, the Petersons opened a door and window, assuming the turkey would be eager to escape. Alas, the turkey seemed quite comfortable perching on the couple’s red couch.

They called the South Lake Minnetonka Police Department, which assisted in encouraging the stubborn turkey to move to a more suitable location outdoors. Finally, when one officer flashed a light, the turkey took off to the woods adjacent to the Peterson’s home. The turkey was not injured, police said.

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