After one year being in the forefront of American’s most confusing racial controversy, Rachel Dolezal might be trying to “stay black.”

The former NAACP leader has kept a low profile for a while, but this week she spoke out about a pending book.  On the Today Show, she said that it’s centered on racial identification.

During her sit down she was asked how she felt about the racial backlash a year later. “I definitely don’t have any regrets about how I identify,” Dolezal said. “I’m still me and nothing about that has changed.”

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That’s when Dolezal dropped a line about her upcoming book about race and the fact that there is “one human race.”

Needless to say, social media went bonkers.

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Dolezal, who says that she’s “more black than [she is] white,” has yet to reveal when the book will be published.

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