The dentist under fire for allegedly extracting all of his patient’s teeth bites back, hear what he says happened WPXI

An Indiana dentist and patient are going back and forth over a dentist appointment gone terribly wrong.

Last week Donny Grisby said he went to White River Dental in Columbus, Ind., to have four teeth removed and when he woke up, he had no teeth.

Now, Dr. Aaron Strickland, Grisby’s dentist, says his patient is bluffing.

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In an exclusive interview with WXIN Sunday, Dr. Strickland, presented a consent form for a full mouth teeth extraction signed by Donny Grigsby March 15.  Strickland says Grigsby signed the document with encouragement from his wife, Amanda, before the procedure began.

“The claims that we have got are false accusations,” Dr. Strickland told reporters.  “They’re malicious.  The whole thing feels like an extraction extortion.”

Last week, Grisby’s wife claimed that after waiting several hours in the waiting room, she wanted know what was going on with his procedure. She said doctors told her that they were scared the infection would spread from one tooth that was abscessed. They were expecting Dr. Strickland to pull only four teeth.

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“There is blood all over him, all over his shirt,” she told 14 News, “and my husband is droopy eyed, not responsive.”

According to Strickland, “Donny had multiple large cavities in almost every tooth,” and “The cavities were so extensive that they were into the nerves of multiple teeth.” After laying out the treatment options to Grisby, according to Strickland, “Donny signed the treatment plan and an Oral Surgery Consent Form for a full mouth extraction.”

Strickland also claims that Grisby failed to mention health history such as being on blood thinners, or his history of blood clotting when filling out his medical history form.

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“It would have been good to know if he was on blood thinners, or if he wasn’t on blood thinners because either way it tells us there was some other historical issues going on,” Strickland told WXIN.  “And neither one was discussed.”

According to the reports, Strickland and his legal team are seeking a court order to allow him to comment in full detail about all of his interactions with the Grigsbys.

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