Thousands want to ban this beauty vlogger from YouTube and one look at her thin frame explains why YouTube/Eugenia Cooney screenshot

22-year-old Eugenia Cooney has more than 890,000 followers on YouTube. By all video metrics, she is a great success — primarily thanks to her whopping 84,000,000 views on the internet’s most popular video platform. But, despite that success, the New York-based vlogger has not been immune to hate and abuse online.

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Her successful channel boasts a variety of content but focuses mainly on hair tips, make-up tutorials, and fashion advice. There doesn’t appear to be any malicious agenda. Cooney’s description of the channel is very simple: “hey my name is eugenia and i make random videos that you will hopefully enjoy! ^-^ I upload videos at least once a week and try to post on here as often as i can. Be sure to subscribe! :3” As relaxed and fun as she tries to portray herself, many viewers have only been able to focus on one thing: her rail thin frame.

Thousands of people have signed a petition demanding that Cooney be removed from YouTube because the vlogger, “has a serious medical condition and needs to seek help.”

The petition also argues that Cooney is putting young girls with tendencies toward eating disorders at risk, suggesting that watching videos of Cooney can serve as a potentially dangerous trigger. “She may not be intentionally influencing her viewers, but showing more than 50% of her body in her videos and pictures are not helping girls with Anorexia or any eating disorder.”

Toward the end of the petition, the author notes that this is not intended to belittle or insult Cooney. Rather, it is a display of concern for her condition.

Cooney took to Twitter to express how dismayed she was to read about the petition. She also made it clear that her intention was never to offend anybody with her videos.

Cooney’s most recent video was posted on Oct. 27. and features a Halloween tutorial. Cooney walks viewers through the process of transforming themselves into DC Comics character Harley Quinn. The 12-minute video is mostly just Cooney describing her outfit and where she purchased each piece.

At the time of this writing, the total number of signatures is 16,982, a mere 8,000 signatures away from the 25,000 total needed.

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