Ariana Madix Opens Up About Raquel Leviss Affair: ‘I Don’t Know How I Can Trust Anyone Again’

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The reality star opened up to PEOPLE about her husband, Tom Sandoval’s affair with her close friend Raquel Leviss. She discussed the different ways that the hardshop impacted her view of future relationships.

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Heavy Heartache

“When this first happened, I really thought, ‘I don’t know how I can trust anyone again,” she shared, “A friend of mine — about 10, 11 days after I found out — encouraged me not to lose that part of myself; to still see the good in people, and to trust people, and to be loyal to my friends and my relationships. And I was kind of like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know about that…’ “

“But her saying that, and hearing that from others too, has really helped me move forward,” she added. “I’m getting there, at my own pace.”

Madix and Sandoval had been together for nine years when Madix found out in March that Sandoval had been cheating on her with Leviss, her costar on Vanderpump Rules. This scandal, which was nicknamed ‘Scandoval’ by fans, gained national attention and made Madix a household name. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kristin Chenoweth, Molly Shannon, and even Roy Wood Jr. commented on it publicly.

“I’ve ben absolutely floored by the support,” Madix added. “There a pretty long and very incredible, mind-blowing list of people who have spoken out about it or even just have like, any knowledge of any of it at all. And I swear, every single time, my jaw is on the floor and it’s me and my friends in our group chat being like, ‘Are you freaking kidding me? This is insane!’ “

“These are all sorts of heroes of mine. So it’s just really, really wild that they even know I exist on this planet,” she continued. “”Going through this in the public eye has definitely added an aspect that makes it an additionally insane experience. But the support from the public has been really amazing and has meant the absolute world to me.”

New Things

This new spotlight has thrown Madix into partnerships and other opportunities like her collaboration with BIC EasyRinse razors. She says her new projects have come at “exactly the right time.”

“It’s time for me to get free and unclogged,” Madix continued. “With so many exciting thing going on in my life, the last thing I want to do is be standing in my shower, banging my razor against the wall, wasting water trying to unclog. So in addition to unclogging my life, I’m also unclogging my razor with Bic. It’s very exciting.”

She is now swept up in a new romance with fitness instructor, Daniel Wai. “He is very cute, and just the kindest person,” Madix shared. “I think that in so many ways, not just romantically, but professionally and on so many levels, it does feel like just a completely new and amazing energy right now.”

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