Bob Odenkirk Opens Up About Life-Changing Heart Attack in 2021: ‘I’m Trying to Be More Present’

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The actor spoke with PEOPLE about his upcoming projects, current hobbies, and business endeavors. Odenkirk seems to be dedicating his time to other passions in addition to his on-screen work.

Everything’s Shiny And New

After the successful conclusion of his Emmy-winning show Better Call Saul, 60-year-old actor is diving into other things. He recently co-authored a children’s book with his daughter Erin, 22, and is currently appearing in the AMC series Lucky Hank, playing the role of a disillusioned college professor. Despite the busyness, the actor is keen to take it easy for a while.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

“Big life changes are happening,” Odenkirk shared with PEOPLE. “I’m trying to be more present and to make some space in my life because when you race from one thing to the next you deprive yourself of the fun of the experience.”

This revelation comes just a couple years after Odenkirk suffered from a heart attack while filming for Better Call Saul. He still has no memory of being rushed to Albuquerque hospital after his heart stopped beating.

Life And Its Reevaluations

“I’m still coming to terms with it,” Odenkirk said. “Also, I’m still flabbergasted by how many people had such goodwill towards me and wanted me to be OK. I don’t know quite what to chalk it up to — Saul isn’t a particularly good person! But it was extremely touching. And I can only be appreciative of it and try to make something good come from it.”

This new lease on life entails reading several novels and spending time with his wife and his children.

“My kids are very capable young people, but I’m still kind of up their asses. I’m really happy right now.”

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