Bono’s Daughter Eve Hewson Responds to ‘Nepotism Baby’ List

The Irish actress Eve Hewson joked and further remarked on the topic.

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Another day, another “nepo baby” speaks out. This time, it’s Eve Hewson, daughter of U2 singer Bono.

The Irish actress warned her friends on Twitter last week that she’d be in the middle of the debate about prominent people who got a financial boost thanks to their parents’ success (“nepotism”).

Ironically, Eve Hewson entered the “nepo baby” debate after posting a sarcastic remark about it on her Twitter account last week:

“Actually pretty devastated i’m not featured in the nepo baby article like haven’t they seen my hit show Bad Sisters??? The NERVE.”

A few days later, she chimed in again to clarify what she meant.

“For those of you who have just tuned in to my existence, I am asked about my privilege a lot,” she said. “And I have always been very keen to state how much my father’s name helped me get a start in acting. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in my life.”

Hewson added: “I chose to make a few jokes about it this round. So please don’t take my tweets too seriously. I’m just having the craic. And if I can’t laugh at myself.. well then I really am a privileged c***. And to the Twitter bots and girlos calling me a spoiled brat.. please don’t forget to have a sense of humour in life. And try to be kind. We all need a little bit more kindness in the world. Much love xx”

Nepo Baby’ Talk Makes the Rounds Again

The comments come shortly after Jamie Lee Curtis and Kate Hudson went on the record about the latest round of “nepo baby” talk. It was sparked by a recent New York Magazine cover story recirculating talk about “nepotism babies.”

“There’s not a day in my professional life that goes by without my being reminded that I am the daughter of movie stars,” Curtis, daughter of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, recently wrote on her Instagram account. “The current conversation about nepo babies is just designed to try to diminish and denigrate and hurt.”

Hudson, the daughter of actress Goldie Hawn and actor Bill Hudson, was also dismissive of “nepo baby” criticism. She said it “doesn’t matter” what prejudices exist so long as the person works hard.

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