Gwen Stefani Is ‘Proud’ of Blake Shelton as He Bids A ‘Bittersweet” Goodbye to ‘The Voice’


Stefani shared a heartfelt message to social media on Monday, commemorating her husband, Blake Shelton’s final season of singing competition show The Voice.

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A Heartfelt Goodbye

“So proud of this guy,” Stefani wrote on her Instagram story paired with a smiling photo of Shelton.  “Last Monday ever on The Voice.

The country star, 46, shared his thoughts after the reality competition ended. He posted a thoughtful message on Instagram to reflect on his experience.

“Can’t believe it’s been 23 seasons of @nbcthevoice… and especially can’t believe today is my final episode,” he captioned the post filled with several photos of the show over the years.

“It’s bittersweet. When we signed up for season 1, I don’t think any of us knew what this was going to be… These past 12 years I have made lifelong friends and memories. I’ve had the great opportunity to coach some really talented artists, 9 who have taken home #TeamBlake wins (let’s make that 10 tonight?), and watch these artists grow so much from the show,” he continued.

The post concluded: “Thank you to everyone… the crew, the coaches, the contestants, the fans, and my wife who have made these some really great years. Love y’all!!!!!!”

On Tuesday, Stefani shared an additional video of Shelton to her Instagram. Shelton is captured bouncing a ball as he says, “I’m going to The Voice for the last time.”

An Awaited Return

“Don’t be asking me to be your mentor,” he continued, referring Stefani return to the show as a coach in the next season.

Earlier this month, Shelton shared his thoughts about his wife’s return to the show.

“Well, I’m happy,” he shared. “When I finally came to the conclusion that I was going to call it a day last year, you know, she even said, ‘Well, I guess they probably won’t have me back ever again.'”

“And I go, ‘What are you talking?’” he continued, “They invited you to be a coach for seasons before you and I were ever thing.’ And she goes, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s right. They did do that.’ I go. ‘Yeah, I’m pretty sure they’re still going to want Gwen Stefani to be a coach.’ Then sure enough, you know, she’s already gonna be back and she was excited to get the call.”

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