Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick Reveal The Secret to Their 35-year Marriage


As the stars celebrate over 3 decades of marriage, they sat down with PEOPLE to talk about what makes their partnership thrive.

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Years and Years

Bacon called it love at first sight when he met Sedgwick on the set of the PBS film Lemon Sky in 1987. “I was knocked out. I thought she was amazing,” he shared.

Kyra revealed that she was a bit put off by Kevin. “I remember thinking, ‘Oh, he thinks he’s really cool.’ “

Bacon eventually charmed Sedgwick into a date. They talked and laughed with each other over dinner. The date went on for several hours, but it was the feeling Sedgwich had the next day that made her realize that Bacon was the one for her.

“I remember waking up and going, ‘I feel like home,’ ” she shared. “I realized, ‘Oh, that was him.'”

They’ve been together for 35 years now and share two children, Travis, 33, and Sosie, 31. “We’ve always been each other’s biggest support and fans,” Sedgwick said.

She also added that laughter is a key piece of their marriage. “”A sense of humor is crucial. He is very freaking funny.”

Future Projects


Sedgwick, who won an Emmy Award in 2010 for her successful television series The Closer, is hoping to do more directing in the future. “I love being in charge of the storytelling,” she shared.

Bacon said he’s never seen her happier than when she’s working behind the camera. “She just absolutely adores directing. You can’t be a crew or a cast member and not get swept up in that [excitement].”

The two have worked on a couple of projects together, including the 2005 film Loverboy.

When they are not working, the couple who are down-to-earth like to spend time together enjoying the calmer moments of life.

“To me, walking down the street together just shooting the s— in the middle of the night still feels like a nice place to be,” Bacon said.

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