Kim Cattrall Reflects on the 5-Day Search Leading to Discovery of Her Brother’s Tragic Suicide

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During a recent interview with The UK Sunday Times, Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall reflected on the tragic death of her brother, Chris Cattrall. Chris committed suicide in February 2018.

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During the interview, Cattrall opened up about her disheartening experiences with death. She said, “With my mum, she was 93 and it was a slow decline. But my brother, this was out of the natural order. This wasn’t supposed to happen. It was sudden and unexpected.”

Kim Cattrall Reveals Tragic Circumstances of Brother’s Death

At 55 years old, Chris went missing for five days before he was found dead. His cause of death was determined to be suicide. On the heartbreaking discovery, Cattrall added, “You remember where you were, what happened, what was said. It is all so accessible, all the time, a weight that is always with you and never leaves. That was just an extraordinary few days. Everything in you is on high alert because he can be saved.”

Cattrall continued, “A friend of mine, who’s a big advocate of AA, which my brother never went to, said, ‘Alcohol is a mistress that gets you alone and then kills you.’ It was startling to hear that with such a bare-bones clarity. And that’s exactly what happened… I’m just glad my father wasn’t alive to experience it. As tough as he was, I don’t think he could have taken it.”

Cattrall also revealed that she considered herself the fixer when it comes to the problems of her loved ones. She stated, “I’m the one that went into the world. So it was my role. But I am slowly retiring from that. I’ve done a lot of work where I don’t want to assume that I can fix people. They have to want to fix themselves, and me caring, living and fretting about them doesn’t solve it. They have to want to change.”

During the interview, Cattrall was promoting her upcoming Netflix series, Glamorous, which debuts on June 22. In the show, Cattrall portrays Madolyn Addison, a fictional make-up mogul.

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