Rachel Uchitel Tells Tiger Wood’s Ex to Not Fight NDA Lawsuit: ‘Not Worth The Money’

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Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods’ infamous mistress is sending out signals to the golf icon’s most recent ex, Erica Herman. Uchitel is quoted saying that Herman is “up against a machine.” This is all taking place in the middle of a $30million legal battle that Erica is waging with Woods.

Rachel alleges that she was pressured and practically forced into signing an NDA in order to hide Tiger’s “bad behavior” during their tumultuous affair. She claims that the agreement ruined her life.

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The Fast Life

Uchitel is warning any and all of Woods’ future women that silence is “not worth the money.”

Now Erica Herman is speaking out about her own NDA. She is also claiming that Woods also pressured her into signing the agreement. She is looking to have it nullified. Her argument is that the NDA shouldn’t be enforced or declared valid in any way. Herman is saying that evidence of sexual assault or harrasment should make the contract null and void.

She didn’t disclose any details or accuse him of anything specific.

All Caught Up

Rachel Uchtiel says that signing the NDA left her ridiculed, silenced, and broke. When her affair went public several years ago, she chose to sign the document. She fought Woods in court for years and it tumbled into her filing for bankruptcy.

“There are people who get into relationships with celebrities and they go to work for celebrities. They sign the NDA beforehand – this is what Erica did. She signed that. Then there are NDAs after the fact: they are people who have been involved in or witnessed an event, who agree not to talk about a behavior or an incident to participate in a cover-up, so to speak. Those are completely different types of NDAs,” Uchtiel explained.

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  1. This lady need to go away CA does not recognize Common Law and she was shacking up with this guy. She was living the best life that she ever had. She got gifts, cars, and jewelry. I’m sure but she is owe nothing. Tiger is going to learn young girls get weary. She needs to move on and find her another rich man. She did not have a nickel when she moved in with Tyler she should be grateful he offered her a place to live and money. She should’ve took that and ran, but she trying to find a free ran. This chick need to go the hell away just showing her stupidity.

  2. No one made her or anyone else have a relationship with Tiger. $$$dollar signs and famous drive many a woman to make their choices. You can’t always get what you want. I’ve seen the other side when a woman leaves a good man for someone with money. Sadly since Tiger is famous he’s a target and the media loved trashy stories.

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