Sara Bareilles and Joe Tippett: A Match Made in Broadway Heaven

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Sara Bareilles and Joe Tippett announced their engagement on January 1. The adorable and talented couple are known for their incredible musical and acting talent. Here is what you need to know about the Hollywood couple and how they met.

Sara Bareilles’ Career

Sara Bareilles was born December 7, 1979, in Eureka, California. The Humboldt County native is one of three sisters and was raised as a Catholic and singing in choirs. She became involved in musical theatre while in high school and continued to participate in singing and acting endeavors while in college. Bareilles studied communications at the University of California Los Angeles, putting her in the perfect place to get noticed.

Bareilles has a knack for music and taught herself piano and other instruments while in school. She started performing in local bars and smaller venues as a young adult and then released a couple of live demos in 2003. Her first studio album was released in 2004. That same year, she started opening for bands like Guster and Jon McLaughlin. She was featured as a singer in the indie film Girl Play and was signed on with Epic Records in 2005.

After that, Bareilles was on a clear trajectory toward stardom. She’s been nominated for several Grammy and Tony Awards and won her first Grammy in 2020. Bareilles has composed music for soundtracks used in music videos, TV, and film, as well as on and off Broadway. She wrote the score for Waitress, a Broadway musical adaptation of a film of the same name. Bareilles also starred as Jenna in Waitress, which is how she and Joe Tippett met.

Bareilles has 14 film and TV acting credits and will appear again as Jenna in Waitress, a film in post-production. She rocked the world with her lead role as Mary Magdelene in NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert, alongside Alice Cooper and John Legend.

Joe Tippett’s Career

Joe Tippett, like Sara, is a theatre professional. Born March 1, 1982, in Damascus, Maryland, Tippett hails from the other side of the country. But his love of theatre and music, and perhaps fate, drew him to Sara.

Tippett was involved in musical theatre in high school, just like Sara. Although he also played football and other sports, he decided that music and theatre were his passion. He once told Stage Buddy that he didn’t consider singing to be his gift so much as acting, however, he clearly is talented in both arenas. He added that he had an opportunity to go to West Virginia University on a football scholarship but that he decided to go with acting after coming home drunk one day and watching Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf on TV.

Tippett Almost Played Bareilles’ Boyfriend in Waitress

Tippett made his Broadway debut in 2015 in Airline Highway. That same year, he met Sara Bareilles at a casting event for Waitress. Ironically, Tippett was cast as Earl, Jenna’s boyfriend. However, he didn’t join the cast until Sara had left her role as Jenna.

Tippett is well known for his TV and film roles, notably as Sam Strickland in the musical TV series Rise. He’s also been on Bull, The Morning Show, Mare of Easttown, and most recently, Alaska Daily. Tippett recently told Playbill that one of the most rewarding lessons he’s learned in his time as a performer is how to tell stories. He said he got that from working with other storytellers, including Sara, who has a talent for bringing depth to characters — even when it scares her.

“Sara is one of those ‘if it scares me I should do it’ types of people, and I find that incredibly compelling and inspired. Her push into the raw places in search of truth and honesty has taught me a great deal,” he said.

Tippett will star in Apple TV’s forthcoming live-action TV series. It hasn’t officially been named yet, but it’s going by “Apple/Godzilla and the Titans Project.”

How Sara Bareilles and Joe Tippett Met

Sara Bareilles and Joe Tippett met because of the Broadway show Waitress, and Sara has referred to their meeting as instrumental in shaping her life.

She once told ABC, “My life is so different because of Waitress. The people that I’m close to, the things I do professionally, my colleagues, my best friend and my boyfriend, like all of these things have come to me because of the show. And it’s really beautiful.”

While they met in 2015, they didn’t start dating until the following year. According to People, Bareilles and Tippett officially went public as a couple in 2017 and were spotted at the Tony Award together. They adopted a puppy named Louie in 2022 and Sara announced their engagement on New Year’s Day of 2023.

Sara announced the engagement in a doting Instagram post. Joe posted his own announcement the following day, with the caption: “I’m going to marry this woman. Looking ahead to all of the tomorrows, all the adventures, the laughs, and all of the love. Thank you my heart.”

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