Savannah Chrisley’s Contradictory Account of Recent Southwest Airlines Flight Incident

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Southwest Airlines is responding to allegations made by Savannah Chrisley about her experience before a recent flight.

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Savannah, 25, recently posted a series of videos to her Instagram Story about an incident at New York’s LaGuardia airport. She was on her way back to Tennessee, but an airline attendant wouldn’t let her board the flight when she declined to check her carry-on bag.

Chrisley recounted the incident in a series of videos. “Alright guys, so I officially know why everyone hates Southwest so much. I mean absolutely hates it — the worst thing in the entire world.”

She zoomed in on an airline attendee and continued. “This man right here… um, awful. I went to board my flight and he told me that I had to check my bag. I was like, ‘Okay, if you wouldn’t mind, I’m gonna take my bag on the flight, see if I can’t make it fit and if not, I’ll check it.’”

Chrisley then explained that the attendant had said that it wasn’t possible for her to bring her luggage on board and that she had to check it. She insisted that the attendant should first check if there was any room for her luggage on the plane, but he told her that she was being “an unruly passenger”.

The chaos increased and the reality star then said that a pilot had intervened and reportedly told the attendant to “calm down” and that he would find a place for Chrisley’s bag.

“The Southwest attendant literally looked at the pilot — the man who was flying our plane and is responsible for our safety — and said stay out of it,” she shared.

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Southwest shared a statement with PEOPLE regarding the incident. 

“Our initial reports indicate a different story than the one from the Customer’s account, as she arrived at the gate late in the boarding process and repeatedly insulted our Employee after being asked to gate-check her bag. “As a result, the Customer was denied boarding on her original flight, and we booked her on a later flight the same day.”

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