$100M Lawsuit Filed by the Family of Georgia Woman Who Lost Her Life in a Police Car Fall

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In July of 2022, Brianna Grier from Sparta Georgia suffered fatal injuries after falling from a police car. The injuries ultimately led to her death almost a week later. The incident left the family heartbroken and searching for answers, now they are demanding justice.

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According to People, Grier had been having a schizophrenic episode late that July 15th evening. Her family called the police to pick up the troubled 28-year-old and hopefully provide her assistance. The family mentioned that this was not the first time they have called the police from Hancock County Sheriff’s Office for Brianna.

$100M Lawsuit Filed by the Family of Georgia Woman Who Lost Her Life in a Police Car Fall

Once the officers arrived they handcuffed Greir in order to keep her still and struggling with cops finally put her in their police car. Down the road merely a minute into the drive, the door of the car came open and out went Brianna. The mother of two was unable to brace her fall and hit her head directly. The officers got out and helped her to the hospital yet it was too late, the damage was irreversible, and Brianna had multiple fractures in her skull and brain swelling. She passed away on July 21st.

Grier’s mother, Mary Grier, was faced with breaking the terrible news to her grandchildren, Brianna’s twin 4-year-olds. She said: “I tell them the truth: She’s gone home to be with God.”

An investigation took place shortly after and it has been determined that the door of the car was never fully closed. According to CBS, the Sheriff’s office claimed that Brianna had kicked the door open, yet the investigation proved otherwise. The Grier family has now filed a lawsuit against the officers for $100 million claiming the officers were careless and that their negligence cost the invaluable life of a human being, Ms Brianna Grier.

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