12-Year-Old Murder Suspect Arrested Thanks to Domino’s Receipt

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In Wisconsin, popular pizza chain restaurant Domino‘s became an unlikely assistant in solving the March 15 murder of Milwaukee resident Brandon Felton, 34. An unidentified 12-year-old boy has been charged with the shooting.

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At the scene of the crime, a receipt from Domino’s was found with the number of the suspect on it. The boy, who was a neighbor of Felton, was charged this past Monday and currently has a bond posted at $100,000.

Shocking Murder Committed by Pre-Teen

Felton was shot in the head with a shotgun in his own home. His body was not found until March 18. According to NBC, Milwaukee police found a receipt from the well-known restaurant with the young boy’s name and phone number listed on it. When police called the number, they claim a “young-sounding male” picked up on the other end.

Apparently, the boy and his friends wanted to purchase guns from Felton. When Felton decided not to go through with the transaction, the boy came up with a plan to steal an AR-15 from his neighbor. Text messages between the boy and his friends reveal that the murder was premeditated. The pre-teen wrote in a text, “Or should I kill him…(right now).” In another text, the boy said, “Don’t let him know (we’re) coming,” before sending “I’m belting him don’t got time for dude going after my family.” The boy’s mother has also apparently tipped off the police about the crime.

So far, it is not clear if anyone else besides the 12-year-old boy will be charged in the homicide case. The child’s lawyer, Katie Holtz, emailed NBC on the matter, writing, “any child charged with a homicide of this classification if the child is over the age of 10, starts out being charged as an adult and then can ask the court to transfer their case back to juvenile court jurisdiction.”

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