2 Children Dead, 6 Injured After Bus Crashes Into Day Care

A city bus crashed into a daycare center in North Montreal on Wednesday, which left two children dead and six in the hospital. According to authorities, the bus driver was arrested and charged with homicide and careless driving. Police were able to set up a large perimeter around the building in which houses the daycare in Laval, Quebec. Panicked parents who ran to the center were quickly diverted to a nearby Elementary school and several dozen police and emergency vehicles were lined up to block off the road leading to the daycare.

Witnesses stated that immediately after the crash, the driver stepped out of the bus, ripped his clothes off, and began screaming.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

“He was just yelling; there were no words coming out of his mouth,” a witness stated. The 51-year-old driver worked for Societe de Transport de Laval for 10 years, and had no criminal history and a clean record. This was relayed by Laval Mayor Stephane Boyer and police officials. 

2 Children Dead, 6 Injured

“As of now, we don’t know the motive for the crime,” Police spokesperson Erika Landry stated. She didn’t say why police determine the crash to be a homicide and haven’t released the name of the driver. Laval Police Chief Pierre Brochet stated that the driver was currently being interviewed.

“There is a theory that it was an intentional act, but that remains to be confirmed by the investigation,” Boyer stated.

The daycare is located at the end of the driveway which is off a cul-de-sac. There is a bus stop on the cul-de-sac but the driver would have to veer off the road and head down the driveway to hit the building. 

“There were no signs of skid marks. …. He went directly into the daycare,” stated another eyewitness. The six children who were hospitalized had injuries but luckily we’re not life-threatening.  A senior Canadian government official stated the crash was not a terrorist act and didn’t pose a threat to National Security.

Benchaabane, who lives near the daycare, stated that he rushed to the scene of the crash and he and three parents managed to subdue the driver. He went on to say that he had to strike the driver in order to get him under control before police were able to cuff him. The driver said he “wasn’t a different world.” 

Benchaabane also noted he was able to help one child from the daycare, while he and the others try to save a second child before the firefighters had ordered them to leave due to pieces of the roof falling. 

“It was a nightmare, I can’t believe it,” he said “It was horrible.” Brochet Also noted that there were several officers on the scene crying due to the tragedy.

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