Airport Seizes Chocolate Easter Bunnies Containing Pure MDMA

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Chocolate bunnies were seized from an airport in Brussels for containing a substance that is certainly not child-friendly. The bunnies that were confiscated by veteran customs officer Pol Meuleneire were all made using pure MDMA, which can be used to create the drug ecstasy.

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Meuleneire said that years ago, Marijuana was the most that would be found being trafficked through the airport. Now, many packages located in the freight zone at Brussels airport are suspected to contain various illegal substances.

Unlikely Substance Found in Chocolate Bunnies

SPF federal finance service spokeswoman Florence Angelici spoke about drugs finding their way into the airport, saying, “So in 2022 we got to nearly six tons of drugs, seized here at the airport. It goes all over the world. Today, people can order online on the ‘dark web’ in a few clicks and can decide what they want and have it delivered to their homes.”

The bunnies in question were on their way to Hong Kong when they were seized. Meuleneire, who is retiring from his job in just a matter of months, found that the chocolates contained drugs when he held a scanner against one of the sweets. The scanner uses Raman spectroscopy to recognize illicit substances. Meuleneire stated that the scanner read “Caution: MDMA (ecstasy)” after he used it on the chocolate. Meuleneire added, “So you see? It’s pure MDMA. So here we have, bumpety-bump, one or two kilograms of this. With one kilogram you make six thousand ecstasy pills.”

Along with the MDMA-tainted chocolate bunnies, Meuleneire also found drugs inside several other packages. A Peppa Pig lunchbox was found boxed with ketamine, while a toy chemistry set was found to contain crystal meth.

Belgium is regarded as a major location for the transportation of cocaine from Latin America to Europe, but the fact that many other substances are being found at the airport is news to many. Angelici spoke further on the matter, saying “The smugglers use mules to transport the parcels and to post them from all over Belgium, and other European countries, and send them all around the world.”

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