Chilling Messages Sent Before Alleged Torture and Murder of 3 Women


It has been revealed that the morning before three women were murdered in Ecuador, they sent texts to their loved ones explaining that they may be in danger. On April 7, Nayeli Tapia, 21, Yuliana Macias, 21, and Denisse Reyna, 19, were all found dead in a shallow grave.

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After their bodies were dug up, it was discovered that all three women had their throats slit. The bodies were bound and their mouths were gagged. Police were called to the scene of the crime after a fisherman complained to officials of a concerning smell in the area around the Esmeraldas River.

Alarming Texts Sent From Murder Victims

The women went missing on April 4, and that night, a text sent from one of the victims read, “I feel that something is going to happen.” Tapia reportedly sent her location to several of her loved ones, accompanied by the text, “I’m just sending you just in case.” It was also reported that Reyna texted her friend “I feel that something is going to happen and if something happens to me, remember that I love you very much.” It is revealed that the victims were murdered on April 5.

While discussing the crime scene, Quininde police said, “They were young, had beach clothes, bathing suits, light clothing, shorts.” The victims, who resided only 49 miles away from where they were murdered, seemed to be on vacation.

The families of the slain girls are desperately seeking justice, but are receiving death threats because of their quest to find the killers. The area where the women were found dead is currently experiencing high levels of violent crime due to a gang turf war.

The families of the victims are adamant about keeping their late loved ones’ legacies alive. Macias, who moonlighted as a singer, was interested in going to school for psychology or law. Tapia was the mother of a 4-year-old who dreamed of relocating to Spain, while Reyna had plans of immigrating to the US in search of a better life.

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