Dad Serving 45 Days in Jail For Shaking His 1st Child is Now Charged With The Murder of His 2nd Son


In 2012, a father from North Carolina was arrested and charged with felony child abuse for shaking his 3-week-old son. The following year, he was given a 45-day jail sentence for the crime. Sadly, the infant boy suffered medical disabilities as a result of the abuse and was put into foster care.

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Ten years later, on May 22nd, 2023, Sterling Cummings was taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder and felony child abuse related to the death of his second child.

Per court documents obtained by WFMY, in May 2021, 33-year-old Cummings was looking after his three-month-old son when the baby’s mother left the house. When she came back, she noticed the baby wasn’t breathing and quickly called 911.

The baby was taken to the hospital in a hurry, but sadly, he passed away. The paperwork states that he had bleeding in his eyes and an abnormal MRI result.

Incident Details

The Greensboro police believed that Cummings had given contradictory statements to them, which caused them to think that the baby’s death was suspicious. After further investigation, they determined that the death was a homicide.

The mother didn’t face any charges.

Tracy Trepcyk, the child’s adoptive mother, told WFMY that Cummings is “very manipulative” and a “sociopath.”

This week, Tracy and her partner Allan Trepcyk appeared in court in Guilford County, where they faced Cummings. Tracy expressed that she was not surprised that Cummings had been arrested again.

“We tried to tell everybody that he was going to do this again,” she shared.

“I’ll never be able to wrap my arms around it,” Allan added. “I just know that he is a dangerous individual, and he needs to be put away.”

Cummings is expected to appear in court again on July 6, according to WFMY. It is not known if he has pleaded guilty to the murder or hired a lawyer to speak on his behalf.

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