Disturbing Footage Shows Syrian Refugee Attacking Children on French Playground, Including Infant in Stroller

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A truly shocking and horrifying video from France has circulated online depicting an unnamed Syrian refugee stabbing children and their parents on a playground in the town of Annecy. Six people have been injured in the unprovoked attack, including four children who are in critical condition. A three-year-old English girl is among the victims left fighting for their lives. The youngest victim is 22 months old.

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The horrific video footage of the brutal attack depicts the unidentified man running around Le Paquiet Park brandishing a knife. Several people can be heard screaming, with one exclaiming “Jesus Christ!”

Vicious Mass Stabbing on French Playground

Before the assailant enters the playground, he lunges at a man with his knife, who screams. It is not clear if this particular man was injured. Then, the knife-wielding maniac enters the playground and starts attempting to attack a woman and her toddler in a stroller. The woman screams “Get away!” and tries to tackle the man in order to prevent him from hurting her child. Sadly, the man stabs both the mother and the toddler in the stroller.

The motive for the violent attack is not known, but it doesn’t seem likely to be an act of terrorism. Although the attacker was not named, it is known that he is a 31-year-old Syrian national who was residing in France legally.

Several witnesses spoke out about the terrifying encounter. One man identified only as Ferdinand told BFM TV, “He jumped (in the playground), started shouting, and then went towards the strollers, repeatedly hitting the little ones with a knife.” Anthony Le Tallec, a former professional soccer player, told Dauphine Libere. “He wanted to attack everyone. I moved away and he lunged at an old man and woman and stabbed the old man.”

A moment of silence for the victims of the harrowing ordeal was held by lawmakers who were in the middle of a debate in Paris shortly following the attack. President of France Emmanuel Macron tweeted, “The nation is in shock.”

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