‘Doomsday Prepper’ Arrested After 6 Kids Found Living in Cellar


An Austrian man in the small village of Orbritz was arrested after authorities found 6 kids living in his cellar, all between the ages of 7 months and 7 years. But after he was held for 24 hours, Tom Landon was allowed to return home to be with his family. The strange turn of events has led to a lot of questions.

Tom Landon Never Reported the Birth of His 6 Kids & Has Kept Them in His Underground Bunker

Tom Landon caught the interest of Austrian authorities after people kept hearing children’s voices coming from his cellar. The 54-year-old has been living down beneath his home in a dusty and dark bunker with his wife and 6 kids. He’d set up security cameras outside on the street. What struck people as extremely concerning was that they’d hear kids’ voices but, if they approached the house, it would be silent. It seems as though Landon was continuously surveilling his surroundings.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Landon told MailOnline (via Daily Mail) that police barged in and said they thought he was neglecting his kids. Specifically, they were under the impression that he was keeping his kids out of school and forcing them to live in an unsafe domicile.

When the police broke in unannounced, Landon proceeded to use pepper spray on them.

“I admit I used pepper spray, but it barely touched the people who came here, and I was simply defending myself because these people failed to identify themselves,” he said. “I saw two men outside looking at my property and they were shouting at me to come out.”

In Typical Doomsday Prepper Fashion, the Cellar Was Stocked With Weapons and Food

Once inside, police found a disturbing scene. There were dusty stockpiles of food as well as ammunition, although Landon claims the ammunitions are old and unusable war relics. Vice listed other weapons, including multiple air guns, two crossbows, and a rifle.

There were toys but they were in boxes against the wall. Landon also set up water and electricity in the cellar. A video posted on Daily Mail shows an atmosphere that most would agree isn’t a healthy place to raise kids.

But Landon disagrees. In his mind, he’s exercising his right to live his life the way he wants to. That includes keeping his family with him in his underground bunker.

Landon Says He’s Done Nothing Wrong and Was Arrested Because of Political Agendas

The “Doomsday Prepper” also said that his wife and kids were traumatized by the incident.

“I said they were my children, they were perfectly safe, and we were teaching them at home, and it was none of their business how we chose to live,” said Landon, adding that they broke down his door.

“The children were terrified, and my wife was in tears and all for nothing, our quiet simple life here is ruined now by busy bodies who have no business interfering,” he continued. “They used a special team of policemen to search my house because they thought I had booby traps and explosives here — they were dressed like Robocop with body armor, and it was all so unnecessary.”

Tom Landon has been in the public eye (from a metaphorical standpoint) for a while. He owns a publishing company and has published his own books. Much of the content he writes is a hybrid of conspiracy and anti-government stances. According to the German website Exxpress, Landon is a holocaust denier and a British Nazi. However, Landon corrected part of the accusation when speaking to Mail Online. He said his wife was German and his kids were Austrian.

Landon thinks that he was singled out for his political views. He said that his off-grid lifestyle rubbed local deputy mayor Erich Greil the wrong way. He said that Greil was running for reelection and that’s why the police essentially harassed him.

“I have been accused of being the new Josef Fritzl, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. I am not an enemy of the state, I am a philanthropist and above all a loving father,” he said.

There May Be an Ongoing Investigation But It’s Unclear If Landon Broke Any Laws by Living In a Cellar With Kids

What happens next is yet to be seen. Landon said he’ll probably have to get his entire family DNA tests. This is because he never registered his kids when they were born. And police have marked off his house, implying that they’re still investigating him.

Landon also said that he’d bought 6 additional properties with bunkers. He’d bought one for each of his children, near their main cellar.

“I wanted us all to live together when they were older but now this plan has been ruined because the deputy mayor didn’t want us here,” he said. “I think I will lose 120,000 Euros now because my wife and children don’t want to come back here but I will try and get some money back by suing the authorities for what they have done to us.”

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