Ex-Kentucky Student Indicted by Grand Jury After Racist Assault Caught on Camera


A grand jury in Fayette County has indicted Sophia Rosing, a former student of the University of Kentucky, on all six charges she was facing, including assault and felony assault of a police officer. The charges stem from an incident on November 6th, where Rosing, allegedly physically attacked 19-year-old student Kylah Spring, who is black, while using racist slurs.

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The assault, which took place at a campus residence hall, was caught on video and quickly shared on social media where it went viral. Rosing is reported to have kicked, punched, and bitten Spring during the fight.

“The girl starts saying things like ‘Do my chores,’ ‘It’s not my fault that you’re black,’ ‘It’s not my fault that you’re ugly,’ and at this point she’s like singing the n-word,” Spring said after the fight.

Sophia Rosing Indicted

Even after police arrived and placed her in handcuffs, Rosing’s behavior continued, as she allegedly kicked and bit the arresting officer while she was drunk. Following the racist attack on Spring, the University of Kentucky permanently banned Rosing from campus.

A grand jury indicted her on six charges, including assault, disorderly conduct, and alcohol intoxication. Rosing’s arraignment is scheduled for March 17th.

After the video went insanely viral, several students at the university organized a “March Against Racism” rally on campus in response to Rosing’s racist behavior. “I am deeply saddened by the events that took place, but I am most grateful for justice that is to come and to Miss Rosing, you will not break my spirit,” Spring has stated to a crowd of supporters at the rally back in November.

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