Flight Attendants Arrested for Trafficking 11KG of Drugs Inside Toothpaste Tubes


Some flight attendants transferred a whole lot of toothpaste, but it wasn’t actually the kind you use to brush your teeth.

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So they’ve been arrested.

Instead of transporting toothpaste, they were concealing 11 kilograms worth of drugs during a flight from France to Vietnam. They reportedly swear they’re innocent.

According to Radio Free Asia, the Vietnamese flight attendants were discovered to be carrying ecstasy, cocaine, and ketamine inside the tubes. Again, they supposedly were shocked to find out it wasn’t actually Crest, Colgate or Aim.

Toothpaste Smugglers

Granted, the attendants did admit that someone in France paid them $10 million to carry the tubes, as relayed by Vice. They didn’t ask why. They just took the money. Such an agreement is probably not uncommon — if someone offers you $10 million to transport “toothpaste,” you generally don’t ask questions. You take the money and run.

At least, until you’ve been discovered and arrested.

As of right now, the flight attendants have been suspended by Vietnamese Airlines while an investigation gets fully underway.

As for those who gave the flight attendants the drugs … well, they still remain at large.

“At a press conference held by Ho Chi Minh City’s Customs Department on Friday, Bui Le Hung, director of the airport customs office, said it was ‘regrettable’ that one newspaper ran the story early, thereby making the drug traffickers aware that law enforcement agencies were on to them while authorities expanded their investigation to go after the culprits,” Koh Ewe of Vice wrote.

Some involved with the airlines have expressed that they do think the young flight attendants, all lacking experience, are indeed innocent. But that remains to be seen.

And we may not know the truth until tomorrow morning after you wake up and brush your teeth.

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