Florida Mother Accused of Leaving 2 Children in Car That Caught Fire While She Allegedly Shoplifted


A woman from Florida is facing charges for leaving her two kids in her car while she went shoplifting. Unfortunately, the car caught fire while she was away.

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Incident Reports

Alicia Moore, 24, has been arrested and now faces two felony charges for the incident on May 26th. Records show that her two children, whose ages are not known, survived the fire, but one of them suffered first-degree burns.

Moore had a 2016 Lincoln which was parked at the Oviedo Mall in Oviedo. She was reportedly shoplifting from Dillard’s with an unidentified man when her car suddenly started to burn. Moore dropped the goods and ran from the store when she saw the car was on fire, according to the report.

According to a report from NBC news, the children were able to escape from the burning car and get medical help from a hospital near the scene.

One of Moore’s children had many first-degree burns on her face and ears before she was able to flee, according to the arrest report.

Additional Details

Moore was arrested by the police due to an outstanding warrant that wasn’t connected with the incident at Oviedo Mall. She was charged with arson and aggravated child neglect, as reported by NBC News. Although the cause of the fire is still unknown, Moore’s actions resulted in her children receiving injuries because “the fire occurred during the commission of a felony by Moore.”

On Friday, Moore entered a plea of not guilty. Her bond was set at $20,000 and her arraignment is scheduled for June 27, as reported by NBC News. It unknown whether or not Moore has obtained any legal representations for herself. Any medical updates on the children’s wellbeing have also not been disclosed.

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