Man Allegedly Threatens to Cut Off Police Officer’s Head With Sword Following Arrest

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A North Carolina man caused quite the ruckus at a Kentucky truck stop and may have been even more poorly behaved following his arrest.

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Brian Bank, 40, is facing charges of operating a motor vehicle under the influence, terroristic threatening, menacing, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct as part of an incident that took place in Laurel County, Kentucky.

Police said it all started at a BP truck stop, from which they received a report of a customer who was under the influence and was causing a commotion. As officers made their way there, they received a second call that indicated the suspect had been screaming and jumped into his pickup truck and sped away.

But Bank’s truck hit a curb and dislodged a motorcycle that had been in the vehicle’s bed, per WKYT.

Officers then attempted to conduct a field sobriety test, but to no avail, as Banks continued his unruly behavior, which included more yelling and cursing, police said.

He was then taken to the hospital for a blood draw, but had to be removed for the safety of the employees and patients, police added.

So off to jail Bank went. And while on the way there, Banks allegedly told the driving officer that he intended to cut off the officer’s head with a sword.

That’s not all.

Bank also allegedly suggested that he planned to murder a judge, blow up the courthouse and kill all the U.S. Marshalls inside.

At last check, Bank is being held in the Laurel County Correctional Center on $1,000 bond. It is safe to say he likely has a long legal battle in front of him.

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