Man Arrested For Killing Girlfriend and Cutting Up Her Body to Cook Her

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An Indian man has been arrested after police say he killed his girlfriend, cut up her body into dozens of pieces and attempted to cook her remains to hide the evidence.

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Some of her remains were indeed boiled, police said, with some being placed in plastic trash bags.

Manoj Sahani, 56, was charged in the incident for murdering Saraswati Vaidya, 32. The couple was reportedly living together in Mumbai.

Police were made of the situation by neighbors who had called to complain of smelling a foul odor coming from the apartment.

“When we reached the house and opened the door, we understood it was a case of murder and the suspect tried to hide the evidence,” Jayant Bajbale, a Deputy Commissioner with Mumbai Police, told reporters.

Authorities at first noticed the body parts stuffed into plastic bags upon arriving at the apartment, before discovering the rest of the bizarre evidence, police said.

Sahani “bought a tree-cutter and chopped the body. He cooked the body parts in a pressure cooker. He stuffed them in plastic bags with the intention of exhuming them. We recovered 12-13 body parts from the spot,” police claimed in a statement.

Footage of police removing bags from the apartment was aired by local news outlets.

A similar incident took place last summer when an Indian man was accused of chopping up his girlfriend after killing her in the capital city of New Delhi.

“I have seen that people are now taking clues from past incidents, which are very gruesome, which are heinous,”  Indian National Commission for Women chair Rekha Sharma told India’s national ANI news agency.

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