Man Dressed in Cat Costume Accused of Stabbing Roommate in Neck

(Alachua County Jail via WCJB

Wearing a cat costume is one thing, but using it as a disguise to commit a violent crime is quite another.

Actually, we don’t think a Florida man accused of stabbing his roommate in the neck was dressed like a cat for the purpose of shielding his identity. Word is, he was wearing it just because.

Omar Gutierrez, 32, has been arrested and charged with attempted murder after walking up behind his roommate — yes, while wearing a cat costume — and plunging a knife into his roommate’s neck.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

According to WCJB in Gainesville, when the roommate asked Gutierrez why he stabbed him, Gutierrez replied, “It was instinctual.”

Omar Gutierrez

Omar Gutierrez (Alachua County Jail via WCJB)

It appears Gutierrez has cats confused with some other animal that carries a knife and goes around stabbing people. As far as we know, that’s not the way of the feline.

At any rate, the roommate reportedly quickly called 911 as he attempted to cover his wound. Blood gushed from his neck when paramedics arrived and he was rushed to the hospital, WCJB reported. It appears the victim will be OK.

While in the hospital, the roommate told investigators that Gutierrez had brought up the idea of killing him earlier this month. Gutierrez also accused the roommate of hurting his cat, the roommate told detectives. It was an accusation the roommate denied.

Clearly, despite what Gutierrez was alleged to have said, the roommate needs to be more afraid of the cat than the other way around.

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