Mom Charged With Assault After Confronting Daughter’s Bully

Aberdeen Police Department

Maryland resident, Kelly Sadik has incurred an assault charge after attacking her daughter’s bully.

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The 41-year-old entered Aberdeen Middle School at 8:15 a.m. She followed her daughter into her classroom and went straight for the 12-year-old girl that’s been mistreating her daughter.

Police Capt Will Reiber states that, “A verbal confrontation ensued. [Sadik] at one point placed their hands on the child, grabbing them in an effort to continue the conversation. Ultimately, a teacher was able to intervene.”

The Assault

According to Sgt. Jason Neidig, Sadik left “a pretty nice-sized red mark and bruise” on the girl’s arm.

When the girl’s father, Charles Bates, was contacted and informed of the incident, he said he was shocked that it occurred. “The biggest concern was how quickly she got into the school, she bypassed the office, and then she got a direction location of where my daughter was,” he told local news outlet WBAL.

She could have had a weapon. She could have had anything. That’s the most frightening part about it,” Bates added.

Sadik was arrested and has now been charged with second degree assault and trespassing.

The Harford County Public Schools administration released a statement regarding the incident.

“We vet folks that are coming into our schools. Protocol was followed today by our staff. Unfortunately, we had a parent that decided to break protocol,” Donoven Brooks, the school’s safety and security chief shared with the local news outlet.

“Fortunately, we had staff members who immediately identified, through their vigilance, and just knowing the building — that there was something that was not right and immediately stepped in to take action,” he continued.

The Pattern


The grandmother of the injured student shared that her granddaughter has also received her fair share of bullying at the school.

“It’s not just my granddaughter I’m concerned about, I’m concerned about all these kids,” she stated. “If [the school or school district is] doing something, tell us what you’re doing. I’ve asked that question so many times.”

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  1. I know what she did ! But the was things are handled lately if there’s anything. Get done u have to tske matters in your own hands

  2. Know what the mom did was not right however was the school doing anything about it most likely not and now you’re like rewarding that bully for doing all the punishment on the ma’am, and what is happening to the bully? What has to happen before somebody will take action against the bully? We’ve already seen several suicides from being bullied.

  3. I’m my experience the school district RARELY does anything to deter bullies or to stop an active “bully”. I would intervene when I feel it’s necessary. However I would never put “hands on” another child ffs. That’s asking for more problems. Idk, it’s hard to see but it’s almost always a much bigger problem that it appears . But, the schools don’t care! Cold hard truth.

  4. When my daughter was bullied in middle school and I took it to the teacher, then the principal and no one did anything about it, I took her in the back yard ABC taught her how to kick ass and told her to do what she needed to do and don’t worry about getting into trouble. She went to school and the bullied started in on her and my daughter kicked her ass! She got suspended for 3dys and when she went back no one ever messed with her again and her and the bully became good friends and bullying stopped! Teach your child to stand up for themselves!

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